Welcome to FAM

Parkour-, Trampoline- and Freestyle Verein FAM München e.V.

We are a non-profit sports club, featuring different trend sport types for young and old. We offer regular training sessions for different sports and provide cool event possibilities.

FAM stands for Free Arts of Movement and is based on the natural pleasure humans find in movement.

The goal is, to win a variety of movement experiences, to find out what your body is capable of and to become fit.

Through this the movement of everyday life becomes securer and the childhood-joy in movement is maintained for a life-long  experience.


FAM´s Range of Activities include:

Parkour, Trampoline, Children Gymnastics, Freestyle, Acrobatics, Tricking and Fitness



FAM Offers:

- Frequent Training starting at the age of 1 (possible with and without membership),

- Holiday courses,

- Birthdays,

- Workshops at schools, Kitas and other sport events.


We want to show you how pleasure in movement can be found and which skills one can develop.

The secret is: have fun, try hard and never give up!



You can always take part in training sessions without being a registered member of  FAM München e.V.
Registered members participate in outdoor trainings for free and receive discounts for our irregular events through the different possible memberships.

Training without Membership
10€ per training

Please watch out for our Traffic light system:
 = Training is possible without notice
 = Training with Notice possible
 = Training is fully booked

Membership on a Monthly Basis
All training sessions included (Indoor/Outdoor)
Cancelable every month

Membership on a Yearly Basis
Basic Membership

All outdoor training sessions for free
Every indoor training session 5€


Basic Membership
Available from 2 Family members


1 regular indoor training a week
+ 59€/Year
2 regular indoor training a week
+ 99€/Year
Indoor training flatrate
+ 199€/Year

The yearly memberships are cancelable every year.

Subsidised Membership
All children, teenagers and adolescents under the age of 18, who receive benefits under the Sozialgesetzbuch II (SGB II), Sozialgesetzbuch XII (SGB XII) or the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG) or as the case may be their Parents receive dwelling allowance or a children grant in aid, then they can get up to 10€ per month subsidy from the municipality of Munich

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